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we required a formation of a Belize company and they provided a fast service at a competitive price
February 08, 2022

Good service

by CL

Excellent service, great price
January 05, 2022

I’ve worked in international business at a high level for over 20 years and have worked with many different companies and CSP’s (Corporate Service Providers). I can say, without hesitation, that Intelligent Formations are THE BEST I’VE EVER WORKED WITH. I say this for the following reasons:- 1. Incorporating an offshore company is often complicated and company registries in offshore locations can often be very slow and unresponsive (after all, these registries are going to get the business anyway !!) – Intelligent Formations kept me informed and were great at managing my expectations across the whole process. 2. They are CONSIDERABLY CHEAPER than their competitors. This is not because of any lack of service or professionalism, its simply (as they explained to me) that they’ve set their pricing at a more reasonable level to make offshore services more accessible and not just for the super-rich – I respect them for doing that. Also, every instruction I’ve given them has been done as a FIXED FEE. 3. They offer a “complete package.” With a lot of CSP’s everything is an “option” at additional cost. For example, with some of their competitors you might ask for a company with a nominee director or shareholder service, and pay for it, but then realise that you need a Corporate Power of Attorney to actually be able to run your offshore company. With many CSP’s, this will be provided to you, but you will be charged extra – NOT SO with Intelligent Formations, you get EVERYTHING you need to actually run your company, within the parameters you agree with them. This is not only GOOD SERVICE but also represents EXCELLENT VALUE FOR MONEY. 4. They have excellent privacy solutions, including offshore trusts. If you require confidentiality then these really are the guys for you. 5. They have great access to offshore banks. Like other CSP’s, they can’t guarantee that you will get an offshore account, but they’ve not failed on one of my instructions yet. They’ve also got their own fintech bank based in London, which no other CSP (to my knowledge) has. 6. They’re actually really nice, friendly people and they’re always happy to have a chat through things with you and it’s not because they’re charging by the hour ! Overall, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Intelligent Formations for their services and they have been, and remain my FIRST CHOICE for offshore company formations/CSP services.

by AdamRoberts

Do not trust these people
August 29, 2021

They conned me out of my money, never handed me company failed to open bank account then they stopped answering my calls they need to be shut down

by Pk

The only firm that seemed to know what they were doing
August 04, 2021

The only firm that seemed to know what they were doing

by SB