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  • Phone : 350 200 40303
Haven Court 5, Library Ramp, PO Box 1113, Gibraltar

More than what I expected!

88% February 28, 2019 by yesman

I liked that they always kept me in the loop throughout the whole process of setting up my offshore accounts and made sure to address my concerns.

Just what I needed

91% February 25, 2019 by caughtinthemiddle

No regrets availing their services. All my clarifications related to offshore trading and such were answered thoroughly.

Pleasantly surprised

92% January 20, 2017 by boricau555

I opened up an offshore brokerage account with them a few months ago. Only took a couple of days to open an account - most brokers take weeks, or more! Trading and execution are basically instant. Good prices too for an offshore broker. So far this is the best brokerage I've found offshore that has online stock trading. In our present offshore investing environment where things always seem to get harder and harder, Investors Europe has made my life much easier.

Great Offshore Brokerage of offshore online trading

100% November 08, 2016 by CowboySailor

Investors Europe is the best of the best for online, offshore trading. I can trade everything that i want to through them (stocks, bonds, options, futures, etc.) and that makes things very convenient. If you want a good offshore brokerage, they should be your first option.

Good web based offshore trading

96% July 30, 2016 by HeatherEuropa

Solid broker for online trading. No complaints. They are easy to use and the execution is extremely fast.

Great Online Trading

97% February 17, 2016 by BillW

I have been using them to trade online stocks through and all is going well. It took a few weeks to transfer stocks directly to them. But once everything was very went smoothly. I am a very simple investor, I don't trade futures or forex so I don't know about that part of their business. But as far as stock trading, their platform is excellent.