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Unfulfilled retainer agreement.

18% November 18, 2019 by USAexpat

Ms. Marin Young seems to be a personable attorney. However, after depositing a retainter fee of $5000 and a lot of back and forth emails, mostly with her assistants, nothing had been filed or completed in 6 months. Furthermore, in wiring back my remaining fees she both cut it in half due to claimed interim work since last invoice, none of which she executed and none of which had any merit for furthering the action required; she failed to mention a $100 bank wiring fee which is absurd and stinks of malpractice. Do not engage this firm.

Easy to work with

75% June 22, 2017 by Originalli

This firm helped me decide the kind of property that would be best for me. They presented a lot of options and helped me pick the best one.

weak marketing strategy

61% February 26, 2016 by Shollymaa

there marketing strategy is somehow not up to standard