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  • Phone : +1 (869)469-8889
Nevis International Bank & Trust Center, The Manor House, Jessups Estate, Nevis, Saint Kitts and Nevis

The Safest International Bank

97% December 02, 2019 by TomFriedmanCFA

Nevis International Bank & Trust is quite unique. The bank's policy is that 100% of its customer deposits are invested in US treasury bills. Unless the US government stops printing cash to pay off its debt obligations, this international bank's customer deposits are safer than JP Morgan or Citibank. Customer service is superb and the client managers (Claire, Alicia) are quite helpful and knowledgeable. A positive experience indeed. I had a business account opened in less than 3 days.

Nice customer service

90% March 12, 2019 by hibiscus5

Their staff were helpful, polite and accommodating. I got my bank accounts up and running in a week.