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Very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable
January 12, 2021

Was in a lawsuit back in August. Needed asset protection to protect my savings and investment accounts as well as our house and a couple of little rental properties I've had for a while. They explained what we needed. Once I said that I would move forward they send me the required info documents so they could get everything set up. It was all set up in a reasonable amount of town. This call calls you and walks you through everything if you need it. I felt taken care of and would use them again.

by geoclem

Best company I've ever worked with
Verified Review
December 05, 2020

OUTSTANDING. Their service was phenomenal. Described everything up front. Prices were fair. After I bought they had this gal call me and walk me through all the banking application paperwork. I call back and they help me. I highly recommend them. Great outfit to work with. They have several attorneys on their staff who are full time employees of theirs. Very respectable and credible outfit.

by toddjones

Absolutely appauling
November 26, 2020

i am based in the Uk. My experience has been appauling- I strictly do not reccomend them to anyone. First they were very good- calling back on time and answering questions- i got called from a man called Donny who wouldcall even on a Sunday and it was no issue then i paid for the company and and i was misled- Price kept changing- found it strange Then i waited from August till now for a legaol documents which i was promised- but theywanted more money so i canceleld and simply i would not have needed this company had i known that they could not provide any legal documents- They kepe changing prices and donot deliver- Now that i had paid - al lof a sudden they were either closed or busy! DO NOT USE them- they will not deliver what they promise- Its all lies I asked for a refund and they did not send that either- I gave bank details and they sent it to the card i paid with (so they say) when that card is actually a cancelled debit card BE CAREFUL

by skhan

One of the best companies I've worked with
Verified Review
August 11, 2020

Thi is one of the best companies I've worked with. Spoke with Paul and Yoni. Both were extremely pleasant and knowledgeable. Set up everything I paid for on a timely basis. Their customer service people helped with the paperwork. Have exceptional customer service after I became a customer.

by WilliamLamonte

Decent Service, not exceptional
Verified Review
May 28, 2017

I used them to set up an offshore trust. Not bad. But as soon as you call or email them you get put on a list and get tons of spam emails as one other reviewer noted. decent service though. just wish they wouldn't be so aggressive on the marketing side.

by SailingAway75

Quality Company
January 23, 2017

I found Offshore Company on the internet. It's hard to know these days who to trust. But they set up an offshore company, trust and account for me. The bank account took longer than expected but i don't think that was their fault. Once everything was finished it's all working good.

by carine-tauras

Super happy
July 29, 2016

Got my company, trust and bank account set up very quickly. Super knowledgeable staff and very helpful.

by WilRog

Pricey, they send out tons of sales emails
May 03, 2016

I used Offshore Company to set up some entities and accounts. They did a decent job but were always sending me sales emails and trying to upsell me. I got tired of that. I eventually switched to one of their competitors with whom i am much happier.

by BillW

Good work
March 22, 2016

They are just one of the best company I've ever worked with. I recommend them for others.

by jennifer