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bad custosmer service, see their restricted activity list, it's ridiculous

16% November 02, 2018 by alexsasha

communicated with a Doron Tidhar, would never incorporate there, they seem like not wanting to incorporate, cant wait till the day these offshore people wont be needed and you can do it directly with all registrars worldwide cutting out these clowns, SEE THAT COMPANY'S RESTRICTIONS, LIKE MY DAD SAID NEXT TO ME WHOS A LAWYER, HE GOES """ DO THEY WANT BUSINESS OR WHAT""" LOLLLLLLLL, NICE RESTRICTIONS GUYS, WOOOWWWWWW.........


16% February 08, 2018 by Benji

I paid this company to open a offshore bank account for me and a few days later was told by them my application was declined because the bank does not work with my type of company which makes no sense because I sale general consumer products online and after trying to follow up with them to get more information and service the stopped responding to my emails. With the service you get from this company your better off applying directly to the bank which their supposed to have a good relationship with (thats why you pay them) clearly Not, HUNDREDS OF POUNDS DOWN THE DRAIN FOR NOTHING! either this company is completely useless or their straight up scammmmming AVOID

truly incompetent - avoid like the plague

16% October 20, 2017 by sri.lanka

These jokers are probably the most incompetent service provider I've worked with in my 20 years. They have no idea what they're doing, make basic errors, and take literally months to get stuff done. They don't return calls, don't meet deadlines, and are rude in return. Avoid like the plague.

Best In business !!

80% February 18, 2016 by Barbara T

I am very pleased the way they handled everything.