Offtax Ltd.

Offshore Incorporators
4 Reviews

Professional to say the least

84% March 25, 2017 by Dsheila

Professionally handled my investment portfolio even though I was looking to invest less than they anticipated. They were able to work around my budget and hopefull I will get return on investment based on their advise.


62% March 25, 2017 by gerom

I think these guys work for another incorporator as I never got straight answers like they were always trying to get feedback from someone else

failure to accept responsibility

74% March 01, 2017 by kemenip

Offtax were great when it came to documenting, but unfortunately, they handled communication poorly. I have not done business with them ever since


96% February 17, 2016 by JCJC

They were quick, efficient and kept me aware of the entire process.