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Avoid One IBC at all costs

16% September 20, 2019 by Bill

I have been trying to get a corporation setup in Nevis. These people seemed great until you pay the money and expect them to do what they promised. I only wish I had read these reviews before I sent them my money. They constantly ask for more paperwork, ignore you for weeks at a time, make promises and never deliver. I have had to request my money back several times and then you hear nothing back. Complete fraud. They should be in jail.

All is good

99% September 02, 2019 by Laurent

I worked with them for several times and all is good. My companies were incorporated in a short time. They are professional in consulting and support for bank account opening process. I also recommend their virtual office service as from that they can receive and store my documents delivered to their Hong Kong address.

terrible scam

16% August 20, 2019 by sho

many people experienced as we ,,terrible like a fraud ,,,finished the term but they insist us the renewal money every years and ask our relatives to make payment real fraud people


25% June 23, 2019 by RMac

I paid $1200 for the formation of a BVI company. I also paid an extra $250 for the 2 day express service (complete lie). I also paid an extra $600 government tax for this non- existent transaction, which must be completely illegal in the BVI and Hong Kong - taking money by deception. On their website, oneibc makes the BVI company formation look simple but once they have your money they bombard you with extra questionnaires and the need for notorised documents. Plus they require you to submit a business plan. I did everything requested of me but was then informed 3 days after wasting over USD2000 that the 3 names I submitted were unavailable. They requested new names which they would submit, which also might be rejected but, because of the time difference between Hong Kong and the BVI, I wouldn’t find out if the new names i put forward were available for another 2 days. I have been dealing with Lisa Huang, who tried to tell me great the time difference between HK and The BVI is minimal - it’s 12 hours! So when HK is going to sleep the BVI is just waking up, making it impossible for oneibc to do business in an efficient and speedy way. I refused to play this absurd game and asked for a full refund. That was 2 days ago and they have ceased all communications. I am reporting them to the police in Hong Kong in the hope that other people will be spared the time and loss of money I have experienced dealing with these liars. Avoid at all cost.

Highly Recommend!

100% May 13, 2019 by Alex Lee

A place you can trust. And the staff is very supportive. Besides, I was impressed by many of the promotions that they offered.


100% May 13, 2019 by mydu

The pricing and services you offer are fantastic. The website is easy to use in different ways to pay. Your business is really good and has recommended to many friends. Will keep cooperating with you for a long time.


100% May 13, 2019 by mydu

The pricing and services you offer are fantastic. The website is easy to use in different ways to pay. Your business is really good and has recommended to many friends. Will keep cooperating with you for a long time.

Bad company bad employee,

16% May 09, 2019 by Khsafi

Totally scheme from the beginning to the end, Employees are very rude, not cooperative, they took cash to open a bank account, then every time they tell you rejected, Big layers Please be careful, don't deal with them

Reply From One IBC Limited

May 10, 2019

Dear Khaled Safi, It's surprising to see your complaint here as we did our utmost to helped you over the past two months. However, we have to make it clear to prevent your review from misleading people. 1. You paid 3500 USD for Setting up the company and only 299 USD of that was for the bank account supporting service (one account) 2. We even supported you to open account in Standard chartered, UOB, and OCBC, 3 banks in total. 3. Unfortunately, you could not prove your business in Singapore, so the bank refused your application. 4. We also provided you refusal letter from Bankers as proof of rejection. 5. We offered you the refund for the bank account as well. We know it's sad that the bank failed you, but it doesn't mean that we are to blame and suffer your angry. Please bear in mind that we have fulfilled all of our responsibilities (company formation and support you with the application). You think you would lose the money, but we lose our clients' trust, which is worse. Therefore, please be assured that we did not lie you and risk our reputation just to get 299 USD. Hope you may understand and confirm the refund with us.

Excellent service with affordable price!

87% April 18, 2019 by Sunny Irham

I need some advice on Tax & Accounting for my Hong Kong company and they did more than I expected. They guided steps to steps to fulfill every obligation to comply with the Hong Kong Government from Profit Tax to Accounting and Audit Report. I just gave them all the information they need, followed the guidance and focused on my business. No need to worry because I chose the right firm.

Great company to work with

92% April 18, 2019 by Jasper

Offshore company corp opened a company for me in Hong Kong within the time they promised. The company was done the next day after I paid and after I send in all the documents they needed, they are fast and transparant about their price on the website and chat (I would recommend to chat or call the company, the website is not easy to navigate through, on the chat the person send me the right links and explained it), the person who reached out to me from the company the next day was direct and within a few mails and documents I had to send in, the company was registered and documents were send to me by email. The copies are now on my way to my home address, I even have a Track and Trace code from them. So I don't understand these bad reviews, thumbs up and I totally would recommend this company!

Con, Scammers, Cheat, Illegal operators

16% February 22, 2019 by Al

DO NOT TRUST this people or this company. They are scammers!!


16% December 25, 2018 by Prashant

This company is a group pf scammers ....they just take money

Lack of information

24% October 07, 2018 by Scoss

Be careful. They promise a lot but cannot deliver as expected. Extra fees become apparent once you investigate further. Don't take the information on their website at face value. Staff dont seem very savvy. Quick to reply to emails but lacking knowledge. Best avoided.


16% September 26, 2018 by Udba1977

Wanted to open a company in Singapore. They gave me a quote and I paid everything. Then they remembered that I need to pay additional fees for some service I didn’t even ask. After paying those they said that they cannot find acting director and that I should pay more to get one. At that time I had enough and I wanted a refund. After several months I didn’t receive any money from them. For me they are just common scammers!

Don't use this One IBC - they will rip you off!

16% July 25, 2018 by dannymorgan

They lied throughout the whole process. I'm the beginning (via Skype) they promised to open a bank account for my new HK company in HK. Having paid the fees and travelling to HK for a bank account application with HSBC, the account was not opened. After complaining the denied all responsibility and turned from promising and helping with everything to charging extortionate fees for everything. Instead of using HK and their services we opened a company and account with DBS in Singapore instead. It was a totally different experience and 2 years on I'm happy with changing to SG. Now I get random emails every few months from them threatening that if I don't pay them to do xyz the HK government might fine me or put me in prison. The company is a total joke and only exist to take as much money from you as possible. As per the reviews above please avoid using this company. They serve only their own interests, not their clients.

One IBC Limited Cannot Be Trusted

16% March 23, 2018 by Edwin

I used One IBC Limited to form a Hong Kong corporation. Incorporation was easy but I would soon find out that they had mislead me about several issues. The first being that it has recently become very difficult for an offshore company to get a bank account in HK. Additionally, the assistance that they claim to provide in acquiring a HK corporate bank account is self serving. They will only lead you towards banks that pay the them highest commissions. Plus, they will tell you that your application is more likely to be declined if you are not represented by them during the application process. This is a lie, the banks actually don't like them at all and they will get in the way during important post interview communications with the bank. When it comes time to renew registration they will harass you with email even after you tell them you no longer want their services. They will try and threaten you by saying HK authorities will prosecute you if you do not use them! This is ridiculous! I began communicating directly with the HK authorities and they are very helpful. There is good communication available in English and you can file your own documents easily online and for a small fraction of the cost that One IBC will try and charge you. Don't get ripped off by One IBC Limited. In fact, they are not even located in Hong Kong they are located in Vietnam. They are a very shady company.

Total fools don’t know anything

44% January 21, 2018 by Testerok

8 months in and they still haven’t incorporated my company and said it would be done within a week. They keep asking for documents that don’t exist in our country. Perhaps if it’s impossible to incorporate, don’t take our business. What a waste of time and a lot of money!!! Go elsewhere.


16% December 27, 2017 by Juan

Very bad service, stay away from them, you will have problems for sure, they are not professionals only liars . I agreed activate a company in Hong Kong with the commitment to open it in 48 hours and receive the information by Courier company. We paid the requested money, almost a month later I only received documentation by mail in PDFs openedl that I cannot check if they are real or scams, the original documents have never arrived and before my complaints they have stopped answering, I got to speak once by Skype and while I was talking there was a child in the background crying, very unprofessional and probably everything is a scam and I lost my money. Danny Lee, Relationship Manager is in charge of selling and deceiving with his commitments Mr. Didier Wong, Manager is the non-existent Manager, does not answer back Mr Centur, Customer Service is responsible for sending the documents by mail without signing or in PDF with the open signatures as a copy of original documents.

Bad service

16% October 09, 2017 by evea0a7

Bad service. Keep away. The staff served me already said no for my Cayman Islands company formation application on 2 Oct. But the next day another staff told me incorporated already and made me surprised. totally chaged me USD2929(1629 for service fee, 1300 for government fee), and It's ok for me. One day later, I asked them what kit would give me for the new company. And they told me the list excluding stamp and common seal. It's totally different from I saw before. For that , they changed their online quotation after my complaint. dishonesty. Today, I gave up for complaint, and replied email to them that I would pay the money for stamp and seal, but them never replied. All above are true, I kept all of the emails.

Helped me with my offshore business

84% June 22, 2017 by CharterSpecial

One IBC was a nice agency to work with in China. I hired them to help my start offshore investments and it was nice that they gave me all possible options to choose from. They made sure to provide me with the best possible choice.