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February 14, 2022

BE CAREFUL! They will cheat you in any possible way. They are going to tell you one price, but after you set up your company, they will ask you for more and more money. I switched to another agent and never had problems like with ONE IBC. WORST POSSIBLE EXPERIENCE! AVOID!

by Vinetu

Fast response corporate service provider
December 18, 2020

Fast response although at their night time. Always come up with fast back-up solution and transparent process. The incorporation happened quickly within 2 working days for the British Virgin Islands company. However, I was rejected by one bank without informing me a specific reason which made me frustrating. Fortunately, their relationship manager is helpful as they help me to apply for another bank without charging the fee. It is successful after all.

by Dante

5 stars
December 16, 2020

For how many years I am using One IBC services I am overall satisfied with their services, I have opened many offshore companies with them in several jurisdictions, from Hong Kong, Singapore to Belize, Seychelles, BVI. It is all worth it to spend your money on it. I personally love their professionalism and expertise on the field as they always give me valuable advice on suitable jurisdictions and solutions for my business. Since then I never stop using One IBC services or even recommending them to any of my partners who are looking to opening their companies overseas. One IBC is the right solution for you without second thoughts.

by shzzz110

November 10, 2020

They take your money and don't help you. ONEIBC applied for two bank accounts after submitting a questionnaire they provided for me to fill out. However there was no guideline or previous successful template to follow as to how in depth each question should be answered. Ultimately the two banks rejected my applications that ONEIBC submitted. My first application was not even reviewed by ONEIBC after and resubmitted the same application without improvement. ONEIBC provided no feedback as to why they were rejected and then continued stop responding to my emails when I had further concerns of their procedures. During this entire process I was put onto 4 different employees which is extremely unprofessional. Them being Carol, Lennon, Brian and Alice. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY- Their process of achieving a bank account for you is slim to none.

by Lacutt

A long and frustrating experience
October 14, 2020

Process took about 2 months. It was a simple transaction and we provided all the required documentation. The issue was with the bad advice from the relationship manager. A complete lack of understanding for what bank requires, outright lies to cover up mistakes, ultimately leading to additional costs from our side.

by talikos

Kind support
September 30, 2020

We have a company but I failed to get a bank account with an old agency. After that we change the company's secretary to One IBC and apply for a bank account with Euro Pacific Bank. They consulted me about some things that I have to remove out of my business activities and I had a smooth interview with a banker. I have the account after 3 weeks and now my business runs well. Appreciate their efforts.

by Cristina

Cammy N
September 10, 2020

I know One IBC through a friend of mine. And I think my friend and I made a good choice. The services were good, I had all documents for my California company within few days. If it weren't for the Pandemic, it could have been only 1-2 days.

by Cammy

Verified Review
August 21, 2020

I was told we could have a company set up in 2 days, and then a bank account opened. What a LIE! The company was to cost just over $450 + $299 for a bank account. This whole process has cost me just under $3000 USD and to date still no bank account! Lets get into some detail, after paying the $299, I was handed from Jacky (Hong Kong) to Stella (Vietnam) and instructed if I want a bank account I have to pay another $499 or nothing will happen. After disputing this for weeks, I just paid it as I needed a bank account, since then I have been referred to unsuitable, unheard of banks (one bank told me they do not have keycards, internet banking, credit cards, and if i want to deposit or send money it all has to be done by email and wire transfers)... now if you would feel comfortable with a bank like that, then you are crazy.. We are now 3 months into a 2 day process (what i was sold on) and for my business to actually operate, so i can take money from my customers and more importantly pay my staff, i went online and applied and opened my own account. So i though it would be appropriate to ask for a refund for the banking sector of this scam. Well boy was I wrong... I had my calls declined, whatsapp messages ignores, to then finally be told I will not get a refund. So basically I have paid for them to do nothing... It is a well organised scam, where you are bounced from 3 different countries, where they all blame each other, then... top this, they blame you!! Now anywhere in the western world, you would be sued for operating like this, and the option to complain to your local governments, so they can intervene... Not in Asia... I said to Jacky from the Hong Kong office today "Do I need to take this to court to get my money back".. I was told in no short form or pleasant wording, that it will cost me way more than my refund is worth, and good luck! Without sounding like a mad man, I would like to warn you all, that I have now paid thousands for what should of cost about $1000... If you want to save your money, and not become their next victim, please avoid ONEIBC & OFFSHORECOMPANYCORP like the plague, and you should be okay! Thanks for listening.

by offshoreguy2020gotscammed

One IBC, excellent
August 21, 2020

Well, I can say that I am more than happy with Offshore company corp service. They have highly trained professionals and they do what they say they are going to do.

by Hajime

One IBC Limited has done their work!
August 03, 2020

Their staff are really great people to work with. They are very professional, makes sure to meet their deadlines and very fast-paced workers.

by Addo Kr

It is a Scam.
June 10, 2020

Please don´t do it, it is a Scam. Really bad experience. They will charge you new fees every time they want to do it, even without being using the services. Please avoid issues and don´t lose your money with them.

by Jp

There isn't a rating low enough
May 22, 2020

To summarize...DO NOT USE THEM!!! It took them 2 months to establish the BVI After another 2 months they failed to open us an account at MAU Bank and asked for another $900 to try in 2 other banks Every few weeks they would ask for another document or something ridiculous which drew out the time even further The only person that understood anything or was of any use was our initial contact. All the rest we had to deal with were either Chinese or Vietnamese who either did not understand English or who had no clue what they were doing Response times were excruciatingly long They failed to open a bank account for us and we are still unable to operate since October 2019 I am now asking them why our business activities are not included in the official M&A and their response was.... " The business activity is not disclosed to the government, so they can not confirm this information" So my question is...Why the F**K didn't you disclose it? I have been trying to contact a representative to fix that for 3 weeks now and I get intermittent useless responses and have managed to accomplish nothing till now except waste more time and money. There are a lot of companies out there doing the same service. Look around first and interview them before you contract them. DEFINITELY DO NOT work with IBC!!!!!

by MW

One IBC fraudulent representations and failure to provide a BVI company and silence following request for a full refund
May 10, 2020

I engage for a prolonged period of time with a chap called Michael identified as a general manager who gave me the run around and asked me to given another address that from my UK address, alarm bells ringing instead of providing a 3 day service I have been defrauded of $1569. I then contacted who confirmed that One IBC Ltd are company that should be avoided. I am devasted by the One IBC fraud and have now contacted my card company as a result

by Vick Tim

One IBC Limited May 11, 2020

Hello Vick Tim or Alias, We are fully aware of this situation, where we have refunded you the full amount of what you have paid. As our colleague Michael and our vetting team noticed forged documents that you have send to him, and therefore requested other documentation from your side. In which your responds were to threaten that al evidence had to be destroyed or you had contact us. Already within 5 minutes, where your employee Greg confirmed he was contacting Michael in behalf of you and your company about the situation. So we request you to remove the false, defamatory article, this false, defamatory review or we will have our legal department contact the authorities about the forged documents and slander of our company by you and your company Best regards, ONE IBC LIMITED

Big Time Scammers
May 01, 2020

This company keeps milking you for money, adding five times the official amounts. The first impression is that they are pro in the area. After they broke the two working day processing promise i started to suspect something was not ok. John B and Tyler Wong kept responding short, non professional ways. Avoided direct questions. Told me everything i sent was wrong. Asking for more and more money, when they asked for a third transaction i wanted to cancel the whole thing and get my money back, or at least partly. Since then they have not replied, not one more word. Has been a week now. The authorities is involved and the bank has agreed to do a charge-back on the amounts. Stay away from these guys at all costs. If anything they are professional scammers.

by DasGuru

Dealing with them for a while, most things are going well
December 11, 2019

So far no bad experience. Sometimes communication is a bit sow but given the time zone it is still within acceptable time frame.

by TomTomManly

Avoid One IBC at all costs
September 20, 2019

I have been trying to get a corporation setup in Nevis. These people seemed great until you pay the money and expect them to do what they promised. I only wish I had read these reviews before I sent them my money. They constantly ask for more paperwork, ignore you for weeks at a time, make promises and never deliver. I have had to request my money back several times and then you hear nothing back. Complete fraud. They should be in jail.

by Bill

One IBC Limited September 22, 2019

Dear Mr. Hoge, We are sorry to see your review. However, please kindly understand that for your nature of business to deal with cryto-currencies, it is difficult to open an offshore company in most of the jurisdictions. Only a few governments allow this nature of business and we have suggested Nevis, which is a possible solution for you. Even though, there are some document requirements either directly (asked by the government) or indirectly (through the registered agent to keep the information and be able to provide to the government in any case of investigation) and the information about the client’s business is the basis that all registered agents must be aware of for a KYC and compliance checking. Please understand that all the agents have their own responsibility to comply with in accordance to international AML and terrorist financing acts and failing to do so will risk their business licenses to be terminated. Although we have done our utmost effort to assist you in the past few months in the hope of supporting you to incorporate your cryto-currency business, we will not be able to do that without your cooperation. We hope that your review will not mislead people since we have no reason to complicate the process ourselves by requesting a brief business plan if it is not an important requirement for registered agents. We are a clear business and we have tried to explain the same things to you in our past few emails in the hope that you will understand and cooperate on the process. However, if you refuse to provide with sufficient resources so that we can continue to support you, we will not hold you any longer and will process a refund to you within the next few working days. Best regards, ONE IBC LIMITED

December 25, 2018

This company is a group pf scammers ....they just take money

by Prashant

Lack of information
October 07, 2018

Be careful. They promise a lot but cannot deliver as expected. Extra fees become apparent once you investigate further. Don't take the information on their website at face value. Staff dont seem very savvy. Quick to reply to emails but lacking knowledge. Best avoided.

by Scoss

September 26, 2018

Wanted to open a company in Singapore. They gave me a quote and I paid everything. Then they remembered that I need to pay additional fees for some service I didn’t even ask. After paying those they said that they cannot find acting director and that I should pay more to get one. At that time I had enough and I wanted a refund. After several months I didn’t receive any money from them. For me they are just common scammers!

by Udba1977

Don't use this One IBC - they will rip you off!
July 25, 2018

They lied throughout the whole process. I'm the beginning (via Skype) they promised to open a bank account for my new HK company in HK. Having paid the fees and travelling to HK for a bank account application with HSBC, the account was not opened. After complaining the denied all responsibility and turned from promising and helping with everything to charging extortionate fees for everything. Instead of using HK and their services we opened a company and account with DBS in Singapore instead. It was a totally different experience and 2 years on I'm happy with changing to SG. Now I get random emails every few months from them threatening that if I don't pay them to do xyz the HK government might fine me or put me in prison. The company is a total joke and only exist to take as much money from you as possible. As per the reviews above please avoid using this company. They serve only their own interests, not their clients.

by dannymorgan

One IBC Limited Cannot Be Trusted
March 23, 2018

I used One IBC Limited to form a Hong Kong corporation. Incorporation was easy but I would soon find out that they had mislead me about several issues. The first being that it has recently become very difficult for an offshore company to get a bank account in HK. Additionally, the assistance that they claim to provide in acquiring a HK corporate bank account is self serving. They will only lead you towards banks that pay the them highest commissions. Plus, they will tell you that your application is more likely to be declined if you are not represented by them during the application process. This is a lie, the banks actually don't like them at all and they will get in the way during important post interview communications with the bank. When it comes time to renew registration they will harass you with email even after you tell them you no longer want their services. They will try and threaten you by saying HK authorities will prosecute you if you do not use them! This is ridiculous! I began communicating directly with the HK authorities and they are very helpful. There is good communication available in English and you can file your own documents easily online and for a small fraction of the cost that One IBC will try and charge you. Don't get ripped off by One IBC Limited. In fact, they are not even located in Hong Kong they are located in Vietnam. They are a very shady company.

by Edwin

Total fools don’t know anything
January 21, 2018

8 months in and they still haven’t incorporated my company and said it would be done within a week. They keep asking for documents that don’t exist in our country. Perhaps if it’s impossible to incorporate, don’t take our business. What a waste of time and a lot of money!!! Go elsewhere.

by Testerok

Bad service
October 09, 2017

Bad service. Keep away. The staff served me already said no for my Cayman Islands company formation application on 2 Oct. But the next day another staff told me incorporated already and made me surprised. totally chaged me USD2929(1629 for service fee, 1300 for government fee), and It's ok for me. One day later, I asked them what kit would give me for the new company. And they told me the list excluding stamp and common seal. It's totally different from I saw before. For that , they changed their online quotation after my complaint. dishonesty. Today, I gave up for complaint, and replied email to them that I would pay the money for stamp and seal, but them never replied. All above are true, I kept all of the emails.

by evea0a7

Helped me with my offshore business
June 22, 2017

One IBC was a nice agency to work with in China. I hired them to help my start offshore investments and it was nice that they gave me all possible options to choose from. They made sure to provide me with the best possible choice.

by CharterSpecial