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The Reserve Belize

Offshore Real Estate   5 Reviews
I love my property
July 03, 2017

Thanks to The Reserve I got exactly what I was looking for. The property I purchased has a very nice location and scenery. The people within the community are nice and friendly. Glad I got this place!

by Sivental

Great place to invest in Belize
June 27, 2017

I was looking for a property to purchase in Belize and I'm glad that I chose The Reserve. I'm rally satisfied with the property I purchased. The location, community and ambiance is great.

by Preciseei

Definitely no regrets
June 21, 2017

We absolutely love the feel of the property and the people are great. It has been almost a year since we purchased a lot and this is such a great place to explore. Very peaceful and beautiful. Lastly what I love about this place is that there are a lot of activities to choose from.

by Forgentex

Satisfied client
June 15, 2017

My wife and I purchased a property in Belize last year and up to this moment we are very glad that we got to work with The Reserve. My kids love the place and we would us frequently spend our vacation there. The beach is in close proximity to our house which is a great.

by TaleStar

Beautiful Property In the South Belize
Verified Review
June 03, 2017

We purchased three lots in The Reserve in Belize and developed a good size house. There were some delays in the construction phase but nothing out of the ordinary for real estate development in third world country. Overall we have been immensely pleased with the property. The section of Belize is absolutely stunning as is the water and the beach. We couldn't be happier with the landscape and surroundings. It really is a magical paradise.

by JS111