Societe Bancaire et Fiduciaire Privee

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Rue Bandar Es Salam 10, Fomboni, The Comoros Islands

16% May 19, 2019 by

This is a Fake Bank, read all the details here:

Review about SBFP bank

100% December 18, 2018 by SaraAhmadi

Opening an account in this bank is very fast without any problem. Supports for incoming and outgoing transfers 24/7. it's my pleasure working with this bank for more than half an a year without any problem.

Another Fake Bank

16% March 14, 2018 by Offshore Reviews Admin

From the Offshore Reviews Admin: This is another fake bank claiming to be operating in The Comoros Islands. The Comoros Islands does NOT have any licensed offshore banks. The banking regulator's website lists all the licensed banks in the Comoros: Furthermore, we have written extensively about another fake bank called Credit Foncier (note, there is real bank from France/Monaco with the same name, but the people behind Credit Foncier in the Comoros have simply copied their name to appear legitimate and to create a link where none exists. The real Credit Foncier in Europe has no branches in the Comoros and the local banking regulator in the Comoros lists no bank called Credit Foncier as a licensed financial institution). Read the full blog post: