Turner Little Limited

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Do not trust this company, scammers
February 15, 2021

Do not use this company if you want to keep your sanity, they are dishonest, constantly lie to cover lies, and have no conscience, they will try to extort as much money from you as possible offering you things you do not need and then along the way try to manipulate the situation where they can extort further money from you. I paid for their discovery service which was a waste of money, in the end I gave them the solution and paid them to implement this straight forward set up and they have failed to deliver, I have now been waiting 6 and a half months and still they are unable to open a bank account for me and parts the system we first agreed upon have been withdrawn resulting in the whole set up being useless, for some reason they try and blame me when I am nothing to do with how they operate, they will never admit when they have made a mistake or any failing on their part and instead point fingers at the customer, how convenient when they are supposed to be the professionals but they want to blame the customer, I paid my money and then after many months with nothing moving forward I ask for some results and they instead proceed on blaming me by making up untrue stories, I have never come across a more unprofessional company which have some real bad minded people at it's head. they are refusing to come up with a solution or refund any of the money paid even though they have failed to provide what was agreed upon, I am now in the process of taking matters further and getting legal help, companies like this should not be allowed to operate. I urge anyone reading this review to turn back quickly as it will be the worst decision of your life.

by chrisgargas

Definitely no regrets!
August 08, 2018

I recommend this agency because of their affordable rates and that they are really experts when it comes to offshore business. They know how to work their way around to ensure that their clients get what they need without any delays or issues.

by Saloniatech