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Offshore Tax 101 done!

75% June 27, 2017 by Comparege

This firm really helped me a lot with my tax concerns regarding offshore business. They were very patient with all my questions and they were very detailed when they were explaining tax issues.


84% November 23, 2016 by DanielWood

management is fantastic, the staffs are incredible unique individuals. The culture is great within the firm.

Excellent Tax Preparation for Expats

100% February 17, 2016 by Early1

These guys are fantastic! They specialize in doing tax returns and filings for Americans that are either expatriates or that have offshore companies, trusts, bank accounts and all that good stuff. They can handle all of the filing informs and that makes my life so much easier. If you need tax advice or tax returns filed and you are an American with offshore accounts then these are the go to guys!