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Very satisfied with their service
August 13, 2017

It was my first time to set up an offshore company and it was a nice experience working with this agency. They were very informative, helpful and professional team to work with. It was nice that they kept me in the loop throughout the whole process and even completed all our transactions before the given deadline.

by VenueLocal

Exceeded my expectations
July 27, 2017

Wilfred Services helped me set up my offshore company. Before the actual set up, we had several discussions as they made sure I was fully aware of how an offshore company works and what is in it for me. They were very informative and patient with my concerns. Throughout the whole process of setting up my St. Vincent company, they kept open communication and kept me updated regarding the progress. They also delivered everything - documents, debit cards, etc. a few days earlier than expected. It was a great experience working with this firm.

by Causcast

Two thumbs up!!!
July 21, 2017

I hired Wilfred Services to help me form my offshore corporation. They were detailed, patient, helpful and dedicated professionals. I liked that they always kept me in the loop and always asked if I had any concerns. I had my company set up even before I expected it. I plan to open investment accounts and I'm definitely using them again.

by ReadyAspect

March 25, 2017

Easy to work with very adept at industry standards. One of my best experiences working with an incorporator for more than 3 years now. Keep up the standard

by Dsheila

Great Prices for St. Vincent Companies
February 17, 2016

They have some of the best prices for a St. Vincent company. They took a little while to get back to me by email. But a couple times actually responded on the weekends, which is excellent for a place in the Caribbean. So I think if you're just going to use them to set up a St. Vincent company, you will be very happy – especially with the low cost.

by Early1