Hottinger & Cie International Banque in The Comoros is a Fake Bank

Another Banking Scam From The Comoros Islands was founded to bring openness and transparency to the offshore financial industry. We give clients the ability to choose between offshore financial institutions that have been reviewed by clients. We assist clients with finding the very best offshore partners to work with.  We also help clients avoid potential pitfalls. To that end we have identified an organization that purports to be an offshore bank, but is unfortunately nothing more than a simple scam.

In the opinion of the management of, Hottinger & Cie International Banque in the Comoros is a fake bank.  There are several specific reasons for this that we will outline below.  The offshore world is inviting and offers many benefits.  But, as in any industry, there are charlatans that seek to take advantage of unsuspecting clients.  We believe that is one of those. 

This fake/scam bank follows the same pattern as another fake/scam bank that Offshore Reviews highlighted a few months ago – Credit Foncier, also supposedly in The Comoros Islands.  The founder of this “bank” chose a name that is the same as or very similar to a legitimate European bank that was founded over 100 years ago. Clearly this was done to give the fake  bank legitimacy. The problem is, the real bank doesn’t have any branches in The Comoros. But the main problem is that there is no licensed bank in the Comoros called Hottinger & Cie International Banque - in fact there isn’t anything that even comes close.

Here is a list of legitimate, licensed banks in The Comoros:

Another “minor” issue is that the bank doesn’t have an address or contact details of any kind in The Comoros – even listed on their own website! Imagine that, an offshore bank licensed to operate in a jurisdiction, but with no actual presence, office or even a phone number in that same jurisdiction. That is unheard of. Countries that license offshore banks require that the license banks maintain an office locally. Whoever created this fake bank website couldn’t even be bothered to even come up with a local address!


In conclusion: There is no bank called Hottinger & Cie International Banque licensed to conduct banking business in the Comoros.  Unfortunately, this is simply a sham bank set up to separate unsuspecting victims from their money, forever.




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