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Outstanding Gold Service in the Caymans
Verified Review
March 04, 2022

We have worked with SWP for 5 years now and all has gone smoothly. We'll keep using them for the forseeable future. Great company to work with.

by PinStripe

Strategic Wealth Preservation (SWP) March 07, 2022

Thank you for the very positive review PinStripe. We appreciate your continued trust and support and look forward to the next 5 years!

Great for the Beginner as well!
August 17, 2020

I am new (2020) to PM and getting started was a little scary. After talking with the Staff at SWP, I felt a little easier about the road. Then I went through the account process and it was a breeze. Then I made my 1st purchase and that went so well I almost forgot I am a beginner. Their Videos also helped me understand what I was getting into as well. Its been slow but worth the transactions with SWP and Staff. Did I tell you that they even called a small person like me to clear up some of my question. GREAT, I am SOLD.

by HLB

Strategic Wealth Preservation (SWP) March 07, 2022

Thank you HLB, glad to hear the process of opening an account and purchasing was smooth. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service.

Great experience
Verified Review
August 07, 2020

A lot better than I had expected. Very efficient and helpful staff. They make everything seem so easy, and are easily accesible.

by Southpaw

Strategic Wealth Preservation (SWP) March 07, 2022

Thank you Southpaw, we appreciate your positive feedback.

One very satisfied client!
August 19, 2017

These guys have excellent service. I opened an account to store metals in. The account opening was simple and straightforward and getting funds there was easy as well after the account was opened. The online interface is good as well. I plan to keep my metals stored there for many years to come.

by Directrame

Strategic Wealth Preservation (SWP) August 19, 2017

Thanks Haroldstan - we really appreciate the positive feedback. Let us know if there is any way you think we can improve our service. Have a great day. - Mark

Solid Offshore Gold!
April 17, 2017

We set up an offshore corporation and then used it to open up an offshore gold and silver account at SWP in the Cayman Islands. They have been solid gold to work with, pun intended. They have taken care of us from the first time that we contact them. They had our account opened in just a couple of days, which is very fast for any offshore institution. And then it has been excellent dealing with them ever since. As other reviewers have noted, Mark is great and we are extremely pleased with the service he and his team provide and we don't plan on going or looking anywhere else to hold gold and silver offshore. These guys are solid gold, again pun intended. First-rate and professional all the way.

by TheDrIsOut

Strategic Wealth Preservation (SWP) April 17, 2017

We really appreciate your positive feedback! It means a lot to our team, cheers!

A Sound (and easy) Decision
March 27, 2017

As a long-time investor in PM's, I was intrigued to read about a new Class 3 storage facility about to open in the Cayman Islands. I saw mention of this in a blog article on the Kitco website and soon made contact with the facility Manager, Mark Yaxley. They weren't open yet but after talking with and later meeting Mark, I knew my concerns about storage were over. At the risk of repeating the comments left by other reviewers, I will state that I was very impressed with the character, knowledge and integrity that Mark possesses. Best of all, he's very down to earth and easy to do business with. I've lived in Cayman for many years and experienced the after-effects of CAT 5 Hurricane Ivan in 2004. No power for 6 weeks made day-to-day life interesting to say the least. The robust solar power system and backup diesel generators put all by concerns to rest. I don't believe there is any Class 3 storage facility world-wide that is better built and engineered than SWP. I formerly bought metals from Provident, Kitco and others but now buy strictly from SWP. Their prices are very competitive with US dealers and often times are cheaper! And every transaction is in US dollars. SWP now partners with about 20 well known bullion dealers, most of whom maintain stock on hand with SWP. So same-day delivery into one's account is an added plus. Visit their website and see for yourself. I don't believe any other storage facility can top SWP.

by Joe

Very satisfied with the facility and the staff
March 20, 2017

My wife and I have been looking for a facility closer to the U.S. to store our wealth for quite some time, before Strategic Wealth Preservation the only places like SWP was in Singapore, Australia, Switzerland, and, or our neighbor on the north Canada, too far from my location to say the least. Regardless, I conducted a lot of research and came across Strategic Wealth Preservation and I am so glad I did, from day one when I made the first phone call and talked to Mark, I sensed a person with honesty and what one of the bloggers stated integrity, Mark, and Barry will go out of the way to make sure I am taken care of, and all my needs are taken care of well. Also, when I decided to go with SWP late last year, I was already convinced by that time and, started transferring some of our wealth to the facility, I had to nonetheless convince my wife and decided to fly to Cayman Island later last year. I was very impressed with the facility, it was very secure and complimented a lot of state of the art security, that alone was enough convince my wife. I, unfortunately, did not get to meet Mark, however, I did get to spend some time with Barry, Barry let me tell you is a very nice person, very honest and down to earth, he went out of his way to show us the area, my wife and I are so humble. I personally cannot wait to go back and hopefully meet Mark on my next trip later this year. I personally highly recommend Strategic Wealth Preservation to anyone, I want to thank Mark, Barry, and the staff for doing such a great job. 👍

by Mioieeh

Extremely Professional and Knowlegdable
March 16, 2017

I have over 14 years of dealing with storage facilities both in North America and overseas,,, Let me start by saying that SWP is SECOND TO NONE,,,, right from my first phone conversation with Mark I sensed the integrity and experience both within himself and SWP the company he represents. They absolutely met and honored ALL of my special requests and demands and continue to do so, as a current client. I really recommend HIGHLY this company you will not be disappointed. The facility as you have read from other reviews speaks for itself. To Mark and ALL Ownership and staff thank you for making it easy for your valued customers to have peace of mind. Regards MP

by flyers

Top notch company in every way
March 02, 2017

I had been looking for a vaulting facility that met my requirements for several years when I heard about SWP. I promptly scheduled a flight to investigate, and was highly impressed to say the least. The entire facility and Class III vault are state of the art in every way. Mark, Jeff, Stuart, and Shayne are all exceptional individuals. Working with Mark has been a delight as he goes out of his way to provide the utmost in customer service. He helped make the decision to move my metal holdings to SWP one of the easiest I've made. The political risk in the Cayman Islands is probably as low as you can get. The facility is as secure as humanly possible. The customer service is bespoke to the nth degree. If you're inclined to visit your holdings occasionally, it is easily arranged, and the weather and beaches are beautiful. I plan to be a lifelong customer and I would highly recommend you do the same.

by auricone

Strategic Wealth Preservation (SWP) March 03, 2017

Many thanks for the positive feedback Auricone. We look forward to working with you for life as well!

Simply Outstanding!
March 02, 2017

I've been an investor and active trader within the precious metals sector for 10+ years. I've never vaulted offshore, therefore it was obvious I needed to diversify my holdings to balance my politcal risk. I conducted thorough research among at least a half dozen or more vaults. SWP made the top three. I then reached out to each of them during my vetting process. After speaking with Mark Yaxley, at SWP, he showed me the most professionlism, friendliness and openess out of the three. We executed our storage agreement the next day and I began my transfers the following week. Mark has done an outstanding job developing and growing SWP! Mark and I routinely keep in touch, sharing technical views on various markets and the supply/demand fundamentals. SWP has very competitive storage rates, and I primarily deal in bulky Ag. If you are a precious metals investor or trader, and are looking for a "true" offshore vault, look no further. Pick up the phone and call Mark, tell him you read my review and felt this was the place for you. I feel very confident you'll never look back, I sure haven't. Cheers, Jonathan K

by Jet_Pilot

Strategic Wealth Preservation (SWP) March 03, 2017

Thanks Jonathan, your business means a lot to us.

Finally a top-rated depository in North America
March 01, 2017

As a gold analyst for many years, I’ve waited a long time for a bullion storage facility that met all the requirements I wanted, and I found it in Strategic Wealth Preservation. A state-of-the-art depository, complete online access, fully allocated storage, and a highly reputable international location. Perhaps best of all, I don’t have to travel halfway around the world if I want to access my bullion in person—it’s right here in North America.

by Jeff

Strategic Wealth Preservation (SWP) March 03, 2017

Thanks for the kind words Jeff, coming from an industry expert like you, they mean a lot!

I've been a customer of SWP right from the start. They are brilliant.
March 01, 2017

I believe investors should maintain a position in physical metals as an insurance policy against chaos. As a resident of Cayman I was well aware they were opening a vault. If I wasn't the first customer I had to be close. I trust them implicitly and have always had my orders filled quickly. Given the state of the world's financial system today I cannot imagine not having some metals off shore and safe from the prying hands of bankrupt governments.

by Seaworthy Mike

Offshore Metals - Good Company!
January 19, 2017

Great offshore precious metals storage company to work with. i've had metals stored there for over a year and eveything has been smooth and gone very well. fees are VERY reasonable. it can be hard to find a reputable biz offshore, but these guys are good, really good. if you use them to hold metals you won't be disappointed. cust svc is very good here too.

by 855hailey

Super Place for Gold
December 08, 2016

SWP is super easy to use and is a great place to store gold. I searched for gold storage companies in the Caribbean for a long time and found them. I love the online account and buying and selling is easy. I wish i would have found them sooner!!

by Traveler

Strategic Wealth Preservation (SWP) December 19, 2016

Thanks for the positive feedback Traveler. We appreciate your business and we'll be rolling some interesting new programs in 2017.